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     I have recommended the cleaners from Manor House Cleaners to many of my neighbours. They have reasonable rates and their cleaners are phenomenal. They are highly skilled professionals.
Heather P.21/05/2020
      Manor House Carpet Cleaners has the most professional and skilled crew. One could tell that they love their job through their delivery. My rag feels soft again. Thank you.
      Manor House Cleaners provided me with a cleaning service like I've never had before, and that's no overstatement. They just provide the complete service, one that was of serious benefit to me.
Jack M.22/08/2017
     We're concerned about the environment and Carpet Cleaners Manor House assured us that they used only environmentally safe green products in their cleaning services, plus the cleaning itself helps to protect the atmosphere we breathe when we're relaxing at home.
T. Adams 28/10/2016
     After a bit of search on the internet for the best cleaners, I came across Manor House Carpet Cleaners. They provided me with all the details over the phone including the rates and specifications of the cleaning service. I must say that they were quite transparent with the pricing and there were no hidden costs. They did a great job cleaning the kitchen, oven, carpets, blinds, windows and sofas.
Mia H.23/06/2016
     I host a lot of parties at my place, as a result my curtains and sofa get quite dirty. I did not want to spend a lot on cleaning due to the recurring nature of the problem. I was given the contact details of Manor House Cleaners by a friend. The results were quite good; they did an excellent job at cleaning the curtains and sofas at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them for upholstery cleaning.
Jack Evans08/05/2015
     I have been using ManorHouseCarpetCleaners for the past few years now, and they have been very accommodating of my requests, sometimes even going so far as to provide on-the-day service. This has been very helpful because even though I mostly clean on my own, sometimes I need some help when work gets too overwhelming. Having you guys to help around and do the same or better quality of work than I expect has been a great advantage and I would love to continue hiring your services. Thanks a lot!
S. Price18/02/2015
     Very professional. They did everything that was expected to them and did it efficiently. I hired them as I was moving out of rented accommodation and was told by a friend that it would be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company to make sure I didn't get any hassle getting my deposit back. I decided to phone ManorHouseCarpetCleaners because of the positive reviews and the job done as said was excellent. It really was end of tenancy cleaning, as they call it, as it should be done. The main thing is I did get my deposit back and can recommend this company to anyone else in a similar position.
Alex R.13/08/2014
     In many respects, having ManorHouseCarpetCleaners do the flooring is a massive addition to how the lobby of the office looks. I mean, you get people that will mop as part of a full clean, but to have the place washed properly, with buffing and everything, that really makes a massive difference. I find that the resulting clean is one that will be long lasting and very impressive going forward. It is essential that we have this done regularly, as the way in which the lobby looks is vital to the first impression that people get upon arrival at the office.
Eric Thompson31/07/2014
     I was fed up with the state of my bathroom and kitchen so decided to hire the professionals to do a deep clean service. I wanted the tiles, ovens and all the other bits cleaned meticulously. My friend suggested a firm she used on a weekly basis. ManorHouseCarpetCleaners were easy to deal with and the cost I was quoted was good value too. They were happy to provide cleaners to just assist with these two specific rooms of the house. The cleaners arrived on time and armed with a lot of cleaning materials and equipment. The work took a while, but the end results were fantastic. The bathroom and kitchen was left looking bright and hygienically clean.
Carol Whirley26/05/2014

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